03 September 2013

This Weekend

This weekend four years ago, 
we spent with friends at the riverhouse in Bandina, Texas.

This weekend three years ago, 
we took in the sights (and cool weather!) of Vienna, Austria.

This weekend two years ago, 
we celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday in Nashville, Tennessee.

This weekend one year ago, 
we enjoyed a lazy weekend at home.

This weekend, we spent time with family in Abilene, Texas.

(Thanks, Jack and Karen, for a wonderful time!)

Who knows what fun Labor Day 2014 will bring!


karen said...

we had such a good time with y'all! thank you for taking your weekend 'off' to come and let us enjoy your company! such fun times!

Katie Allen said...

I can't believe that trip was four years ago!!! That was so much fun. Looks like you guys have a fun tradition of great Labor Day weekends! :)

klp02a said...

That trip was so much fun...time sure flies though four years! Really?