19 September 2013

Two Months

This past month has just flown by!
I cannot believe Miles is already two months old.

We went for his well check today,
where Miles weighed in at 15 pounds, 5.5 ounces (96th percentile)
and measured 24 inches long (87th percentile).
This little champ did great getting his shots too. :)

We are still in size 2 diapers, but I have a feeling it might not be for long.
Many of the 3-month clothes are snug, so I'm hoping the weather cools off soon
because the majority of his 3-6 month stuff is long sleeved!

Miles nurses 7 times a day, waking up once at night to eat.
Unfortunately he hasn't stretched out his night sleep any more;
he'll give me anywhere between 3.5-5 hours. (Come on, kiddo!)
We still swaddle him at night, though he's about to outgrow our Miracle Blanket!
I think I'm going to try not swaddling him at night to see how he does.

I think Miles isn't sure how he feels about the WubbaNub -
sometimes he'll take it, other times he spits it out with a face of disgust.
For a while he was getting his hand to his mouth
to try to suck on his fingers, but I haven't seen him doing that recently.

He is a super-fast nurser, which had me worried,
but he's happy between feedings so I'm okay. :)
And he spits up quite a bit - but again, he's happy so I'm happy!

We are getting all kinds of adorable smiles from this guy and I love it!
It just melts my heart every time I see that toothless grin of his.
He makes lots of cooing noises that are equally as adorable.

 Miles can roll tummy-to-back both ways (left and right),
though he's still perfecting it and doesn't do it during every tummy time
He enjoys (or maybe tolerates) laying on his activity mat
and has given the dangling farm animals a swat or two.
We get some pretty big grins when Mommy sings,
and Miles loves to be held upright so he can push off with his legs.
He loves to look around, especially at the framed pictures we have around the house.
The ceiling fan is also of particular interest. :)

This past month, Miles took his first road trip to Abilene for Labor Day.
He slept almost the entire ride both ways!
(Thank goodness Max was sleeping too, otherwise it could've been a different story.)

He also had his first trip to the Fort Worth Zoo
to see his (almost) birthday buddy, baby elephant Belle.

 For the most part, Miles is a laid back baby.
I really appreciate his flexibility, especially since he gets toted around
a whole lot more than Max ever did.
We have thoroughly enjoyed watching his sweet little personality
unfold this month. What a joy you are, Miles Christopher!


karen said...

happy two months, miles! you are such a sweet and loving baby and we love you so much! we love to see your smiles...what a joy you are! xoxo, mini & Zu

Mary Kay said...

What a little doll! Can't believe he is already 2 months! He and Hudson could be little chunkey monkey friends!!! So cute!