09 September 2013

Things I'm Good At

I've had my fair share of crazy moments the past few weeks, moments where I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. My friend Sarah has such a great sense of humor, and reading her blog often reminds me that laughing is WAY more fun than crying. (Does laughing through your tears count?)

So when I saw this blog post last week, I thought it might be a good idea to help get me out of my funk. :)

Things I'm not so good at:
Cooking sweet potato fries. I can never get them crispy enough to satisfy my husband. 
Asking for help from others - or accepting it, for that matter.
Thinking on my feet. I need to know things as far in advance as possible so I can formulate a plan.
Entering receipts into Quicken in a timely fashion. (Again, ask the husband.)
Resisting any kind of dessert that is in our house. I seriously think I have a problem, y'all.
Recognizing sarcasm. It's pretty embarrassing when I get mad at my own husband - and he's totally joking.
Gracefully opening our double stroller. It's more like wrestling - and the stroller usually wins.
Buying things online that are the right size. (You'd think I would have learned by now.)

Things I'm good at:
Addressing envelopes. For a while I even thought this was a marketable skill and addressed many of my friends' wedding invitations. For free. (Guess I didn't get the whole "marketable" thing.)
Wrapping presents. Thanks to my professional gift-wrapper mom for teaching me about those folded corners!
Organizing things, preferrably not my own - and so you can never find them again.
Making up the random songs that Max requests. (Good thing he doesn't notice I change the verses of the "blue truck song" every time.)
Overanalyzing any situation. You're trying to tell me there's no hidden meaning in "good morning"?!!!
Spending gift cards and/ or cash gifts almost immediately. Otherwise they'd burn a hole in my pocket.
Substituting ingredients in a recipe the first time I make it. What can I say? I like to live on the edge. :)
Copying other people's awesome blog posts. Thanks for the idea, Sarah!

Now it's your turn to share. :)


karen said...

wow, every single thing you put on your 'not good list' i can put on mine, too (how many times did i have to put the sweet potato fries back into the oven last weekend?!!)

what a great idea for a way to be 'real'. thanks for sharing the idea!

Brittnie said...

I agree - you are awesome at addressing envelopes!! I am always so impressed when we get a piece of mail from your family!

And. . . any time you want to make some extra money and wrap all of my Christmas presents I will happily employ you! :) This would def be on my "not good at" list. Not sure how I never learned this life skill.

karen said...

you really need to add-
'teaching and raising two wonderful sons' (one of the most important jobs ever!)

Shannon said...

What a fun post! I laughed at your ingredient substitution...I do the same thing! haha