18 September 2013

Brothers' Bedroom

Clay and I have made the decision
to be more financially conservative with our housing,
which means that Max and Miles will eventually get to share a room!
I am still not exactly sure how all of the logistics will work out
since they are both so little...
but I know others have done it before, I guess we can too. :)

 I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of this in the future...

It was kind of tricky to figure out exactly how
to arrange the furniture in this new shared bedroom -
especially since there really isn't another place in our house
that makes sense as a play area to keep their toys.
But I think we found a solution that works!

The crib is along one wall next to the closet.
(But for now, Miles is snug as a bug in the pack n' play in our room.
We hope to move him when he starts sleeping through the night consistently.)

Max's big boy bed and its convenient location
next to many distractions (which we didn't realize when we set it up...)

You can see the little reading chair next to the bookshelf
where Max spends quite a lot of time poring over his books.
Then a shelf to hold some of the toys - I try to rotate the toys periodically
but don't have many places to store the ones that aren't in use!

Here's their fun little magnetboard
(more commonly known as a drip tray - thanks, Pinterest!).

I have a couple of other ideas I'd like to incorporate eventually,
but we will see if I can find the time. :)

Growing up, I had the privilege of 
sharing a room with my sister for a few years.
 I distinctly remember when we moved to a new house
and each got our own rooms, what a BIG deal that was.
Although I definitely enjoyed our separate spaces
(and getting to decorate the way I wanted),
I have fond memories of being in such close proximity.
My hope is that our boys will enjoy their shared space too. :)
(And not kill each other in the process!)


Brittnie said...

I love this. . . y'all did an awesome job. I have a feeling if we stay in our current house for a lot longer then we will end up putting the girls in the same room (the now guest room that Clara will be moved to shortly so sister can have the nursery).

Ashley said...

So cute! I love everything about it!

karen said...

those M & M boys are so blessed to have each other for a brother! i love that they are sharing a room...i can just imagine all the laughter that will be heard in that room, even if it is past 'lights out'!!

Rachel Masters said...

Wait, you enjoyed sharing a room with me? This is news!! ;-)