18 August 2013

Brotherly Love

When we found out we were going to add another boy to our family,
I was super-excited to see how these brothers would get along.
Now that Miles is here, it has been quite interesting to see how Max interacts with him.
I'm sure it will be even more interesting once Miles gets a little older!

We talked about Baby Brother for most of my pregnancy,
about how he was growing in Mommy's tummy and
some day he would come live with us at our house.
In the last month before Miles' arrival, I think we read and re-read
all 10 (seriously, we had a LOT) of Max's big brother books what felt like 100 times.
He was just as ready as we were to meet this little one!
So when my mom brought Max up to the hospital to see us,
 the first thing Max said was not, "Hi Mommy" or "Hi Daddy"
but an excited "Baby Brother!" So sweet. :)

Here is the first time for them to meet:
In my sleep-deprived stupor, 
I didn't get a video of this moment. Bummer :(

Fortunately, Max is still enamored with Miles. :)
He always asks to hold him, and has been so good
to help Mommy by fetching burp cloths or throwing away dirty diapers.
My favorite is when Max asks,
"Baby Brother, you want play with me?"

In the mornings, usually the first thing Max asks is, "Where is Baby Brother?"
and he insists on saying goodnight multiple times each evening before bed.
It warms my heart to see how Max already cares so much for Miles!

He is still learning, however, about how to be gentle
and using his quiet voice and quiet feet when Miles is sleeping.
We have had a few incidents where Big Brother
wasn't being very careful...but we'll get there eventually. :)

And just for fun, here's a few (accidental) copycat brother photos
I found while uploading pics the other day...

Max at one week                            Miles at one week

Daddy snuggling Max                         Daddy snuggling Miles

Mommy kissing Max                                  Mommy kissing Miles

I am so excited to see how these two brothers
continue to grow in their love for each other!


Katie Allen said...

I love these pictures and I love your precious children!

Mary Kay said...

What a sweet start to an amazing relationship this two will share. I do believe you prepared Max well for his role and it looks like he is in love with his little brother!

karen said...

i love everything about this post! the sweet bond that max and miles have already formed...the ways you and clay have helped max to make the adjustment...what a special relationship! they will always be each other's best friend!

Shannon said...

Love the side-by-sides! How precious your little (and big!) boys are :)