16 August 2013

One Month

How is it possible that this little guy is already one month old???!!

Miles continues to grow like a weed.
At his two week check, he weighed 11 pounds 1/2 ounce and measured 22 inches long.
I am sure he has since added to both those numbers!

Newborn diapers were a joke - he didn't even wear those in the hospital!
And I am already thinking of switching to size 2s
since he's almost out of the weight range for size 1s.
 The 0-3 month clothes didn't last long, and we've already pulled out the 3-6 month set.
Hopefully he won't outgrow Max's hand-me-downs too quickly... :)

Miles is so laid back and doesn't cry much at all.
 The things that make him cry are: changing clothes, getting out of the bath,
when Max steps on him/ pokes him in the eye/ gives him a good shove in the swing,
and if he's got a stubborn gas bubble that Mommy didn't quite burp out. :)
He'll sometimes fuss for a minute or two when I put him down for a nap.

He nurses about every 3 hours during the day (I usually have to wake him to eat).
We are still working on extending those nighttime feedings. :)
He made it to 5 hours the past few nights. Hooray!

I am always amazed at what newborns can sleep through - 
and Miles has to sleep through a LOT! 
Toddler tantrums, noisy air conditioners,
the washing machine/ dishwasher, musical toys, 
big brother's Riverdance impressions.
Thank goodness for white noise!
He is a good sleeper despite all the ruckus, and for that I am so so glad!

We swaddle him anytime he's going to sleep,
but I soon plan to switch over to sleep sacks (for naps, anyways).
Miles also likes his WubbaNub but doesn't always need it to fall asleep - yet.

When Miles is awake, he is loves to look around with his big blue eyes.
I predict they will stay blue! Thanks, Daddy. :)
He has also shown us his adorable little smile...
either that or he's really gassy!

He is getting better at tummy time and tolerates it for about 10 minutes twice a day.
I am so impressed with how strong he already is - 
turning his head well and occasionally pushing up onto his forearms.

Although we have learned a lot about sweet Miles in the past month,
we have realized there is still a lot to learn!
We look forward to getting to know more about this sweet baby boy. :)


karen said...

Happy one month, sweet Miles! xoxo
So fun to read about his personality, and how he is changing and growing!
Can't wait to see him and his big brother again!!!

Brittnie said...

Yay for a few 5 hr stretches! Way to go, Miles! Happy one month :)

laura jo said...

This is so fantastic! Miles sounds like an easy baby, which is great as you're running after Max, too! I can't wait to meet him!

Katie Allen said...

I'm so glad to hear Miles is doing so well! I hope the 5 hr stretches keep going and stretch out!

Mary Kay said...

What a sweet post! So glad things are going so well and he, just like his brother, are both so beautiful!!! Congrats!!!