07 July 2013

39 & 40 Weeks

Here's the bump at 39 and 40 weeks:

How far along? 40 weeks and 2 days.
(Yes, I am still pregnant.)

How big is the baby? About the size of a small pumpkin,
somewhere between 19 and 22 inches long and 6-9 pounds.

Are you in maternity clothes? Yes...

How do you feel physically? Pretty good, actually.
Last weekend was kind of rough as I was having quite a bit of
pain and swelling in my right leg. It also looked super-scary.
 We suspected a blood clot, so I went in last Monday for observation 
and an ultrasound of my leg which revealed no clots - thank goodness!
The next day I felt much better, and have continued to feel better each day since.

Sleep? Now that my leg is feeling much better,
it is infinitely easier to sleep. (Last weekend it was so tender to touch
that I couldn't stand to have it even rest on a pillow.)

Miss anything? I cannot wait for my
first post-baby margarita! Who's with me?!!!

Feeling movement of the baby? Yes, though mostly
what I'm feeling these days are what our doula calls "uterobics"
or intermittent tightening/ contracting in my abdomen.
They are not always the most comfortable thing,
but it means my body is getting ready for labor
(even if a little slower than I'd like) - which I'm totally okay with!

Food cravings? Not much.
Between the heat, the less space in my tummy
and the random tightening, eating just doesn't sound all that appealing.

Gender of the baby? BOY.

Mood/ thoughts? Waiting is so hard, y'all.
I've been technically waiting for this baby for the past 10 months,
so I don't know why one more week (maybe even two) is such a big deal!
With all the options I have to help get things moving along,
it is especially difficult to sit back and let things happen on their own,
which I know is what's best for this baby.
I am so grateful for our doula, Jamie, who has already
proved her worth in coaching Clay and I through decisions
about this birth. She reminded me the other day
that when I look back on this pregnancy,
these last few days/ weeks will not matter in the slightest -
but I will always remember the birth experience,
and we are holding out for the best possible scenario. :)

Still...here's hoping I don't have to post a 41-week pic!


karen said...

wow, jessica, 40 weeks looks very good on you!
i can only imagine how hard the waiting is for you...we are sure ready for baby boy rich to decide to come out and play!
praying for your delivery to be exactly as you desire!
the wait will be worth it!

Brittnie said...

You look beautiful, Jessica, like always! Cannot wait to see pics of your new little guy!

Katie Allen said...

Still looking beautiful, friend! I miss you and wish I was there to help pamper you.

Mary Kay said...

You are such a beautiful woman!!! I can't get over how wonderful you look! I don't think I ever looked that good pregnant! I think you and Kate are gonna share a "birth date" and then there will be a RICH baby and a ROYAL baby to celebrate!