29 June 2013

Surprise, Surprise!

Several months ago, I approached my SIL Tara about
throwing a surprise party for our husbands' 30th birthday.
Being the party planner extraordinaire that she is,
she quickly agreed and we set to work deciding details for 
a fabulous fete for our hubbies. 

Fast forward to Saturday - party day!
Thank goodness Mark and Clay's family was in town
to help us distract the boys while we got everything ready.
Apparently we needed lots of help. ;)
(It is difficult to stall those two - they're just too darn efficient!)

Those last few moments before the boys arrived were quite nerve-wracking, I'm not going to lie.
But once they walked through the door
to what they thought was a swim party for our Bible class...

We knew it was a success!

 Thanks, Brandon, for capturing our moment of victory -
and the rest of the party!

(Truth be told, Mark was totally surprised.
Clay, however, had stumbled upon a couple of emails and texts
between Tara and I about a month earlier and
had been playing dumb ever since! He really put us
through the ringer when he actually announced
the party in Bible class - which we weren't planning to do.
Guess I'm not as good of a secret-keeper as I thought!)

But surprised or not, these boys were well-celebrated.
Over 50 people came out that night to partake in the festivities -
and lots of their favorite foods!

We even had a little slideshow of
birthdays through the years, thanks to the boys' cousin Laura!

There was also a fun photo booth,
which I think we mostly used for family pictures - ha!
(A big thank you to my sister Rachel for manning it the whole night!)

And lots and lots of swimming!
The Barrows were so gracious to let us invade
their home/ backyard for the evening.
The kiddos loved it, for sure. :)

It was so much fun to celebrate the two coolest 30-year-olds we know. :)

Happy birthday, Mark and Clay!


Katie Allen said...

The party was super fun, good job girls! I love the high five pic. :)

karen said...

it was such a fun party! you and tara really outdid yourselves! every thing was so perfect!i loved all the detail y'all put into everything. it just about made me cry to see the touches y'all did-like the picture of gramma blue car hugging those 3 year old twins at the beginning of the serving line, and the other sweet pictures all through the party area.
thank you both for celebrating our boys in such a fun and loving way. i'm glad we got to be there!

Brittnie said...

What fun! Way to pull off the surprise!

Shannon said...

How fun! Love the video! Also, there's no wonder your boy has curly hair!

Sarah Cornett said...

Looks like it was a great celebration!! And, you look so good!