13 June 2013

35 & 36 Weeks

Here's the bump at 35 and 36 weeks:

How far along? 36 weeks and 5 days

How big is the baby? Roughly the size of a watermelon,
about 21 inches long and 6.5 pounds.

Are you in maternity clothes? Duh!

How do you feel physically? Like I'm carrying around
a watermelon in my belly - ha! I tire easily, for sure,
and my feet are usually swollen and achy by the end of the day.
I'm also experiencing some interesting pains here and there,
which I can only guess mean my body is
preparing to have this baby. :)

Sleep? I am sleeping better than I was a few weeks ago,
but I still have a restless night every now and then.
I am making more of an effort to nap when Max naps,
though that's mostly because I often fall asleep 
whenever I sit down somewhere!
Miss anything? Feeling comfortable.
Going more than 15 minutes without the urge to pee.
Painting my own toenails.
The energy to keep up with Max.
And the cooler weather we were enjoying for a while -
I guess the sweltering Texas summertime is here to stay!

Feeling movement of the baby? Not as much now,
but Baby Brother still makes his presence known. :)

Food cravings? Hard-boiled eggs. Weird, I know.

Gender of the baby? BOY!
It was confirmed at a sonogram I had on Wednesday. :)
Mood/ thoughts? I was looking at the baby timer app
on my phone that I used when Max was a newborn,
and suprisingly it still has all the information we have ever input -
all the way back to the first day home from the hospital!
It was crazy to look at the feeding times those first few weeks - yikes.
I had definitely forgotten how often a new baby eats!
In the past few weeks, I've gotten quite a few things
checked off my pre-baby to-do list:
packing our hospital bags, getting the big brother/ little brother gifts ready,
preparing meals to freeze, washing all those cute little baby onesies,
and reading up on labor and delivery.
Granted, there is still much to be done, but I'm making headway. :)


karen said...

the time is almost here!! we are so excited!!
just a few more DAYS!!!!

Katie Allen said...

I can't believe you're almost there already! You look beautiful. Stay cool!