30 July 2013

A Boy and His Books

 I love that Max is a little bookworm. :)

Here he is after we just returned from the nearby public library,
ready to read all ten books we checked out!

When Max was just a bitty baby, I started a naptime routine
that included reading books before hitting the hay.
(Sometimes that meant reading for an hour because Mommy wanted to keep going. :))
It has been so fun to share my love of reading with him
and see how he is developing a love of books too.

But recently Max has decided that sleeping
is just not real high on his priority list. (Hooray for us.)

Instead, he would rather sit in his bed - or chair -
and "read" all the books on his bookshelf.

I'm a little torn about this.

On the one hand, I want him to sleep.
Because if Max doesn't get a nap, Mommy doesn't get a nap either!
And no nap = cranky Mommy. :(

But on the other hand, there are worse things he could be doing.
(For the record, he has had many mischievous moments.)
I mean, the kid just wants to read - right?

We have gone through many different tactics
to get him to stay in bed and go to sleep
(I mean, if the kid would just lay still for 5 minutes...),
but without much success.
I think Clay and I have finally accepted the fact
that most days at naptime and many nights when it's time for bed
Max is going to get out his books and "read"
for 30 minutes, an hour...sometimes more.

While it's frustrating that our two year-old will not reliably go to sleep,
it's also kind of cute when I go in to get him from a nap
and see him sprawled across a pile of books on his bed
and an even bigger pile on the floor. :)


Julie said...

Love that bookworm! Put him "to" bed a little while before you want him to go to sleep, and tell him he can look at books until you come back and say it's time to sleep. May not work though...he may want longer...

Brittnie said...

So I have no advice for you here. . . I am sure this is just as equally adorable as it is frustrating! :)

karen said...

Love that he loves to read!!!! Does he still like to rock and read? Lay in his bed and have his back scratched lightly? Really no advice but a combination of laying still and reading might be a key....and maybe not!!!! Just glad, like y'all, that he loves to read!!!