13 July 2013

41 Weeks...

Well, folks...after what seems like the longest week of my life,
here we are at 41 weeks (and counting):

If I had a dollar for every time someone said,
"Well, I didn't expect to see you here..." ;)

To most people, this is going past your due date.
However - and this is news to me! - you're not really considered
postterm until you reach the 42-week mark. Yikes! 

Let's just say I did not anticipate making it to this point in my pregnancy.
[It's kind of strange to remember how I experienced some of the same feelings right before Max was born.]
I had read and heard many things about VBACs,
and just didn't think it was in the cards for me to go this far.
But letting my body go into labor on its own will
give me a greater chance of success - unless there are complications.
Thankfully my biophysical profile earlier this week
revealed a healthy, albeit large (or so they predict), baby boy
with a perfectly hospitable womb environment.
(No wonder he doesn't want to leave - ha!)
So we will keep waiting and hoping he will make his arrival
without much, if any, assistance.
It is definitely not easy to wait - especially when waiting is not my strong suit to begin with!
But I have been so encouraged by so many of you to hang in there.
Your sweet words have meant so much to me 
and helped me make it through the past eight days! 
I am so grateful to be surrounded by such an amazing support system.

I go back to see the midwives on Monday
and we will see how things are progressing before making any more decisions.
Unless, of course, we have a baby by then. :)

Stay tuned!


karen said...

You look great, Jessica! The wait is going to be so worth it! We continue to pray daily that you will have exactly the delivery you desire. Baby boy Rich, you are already so loved!!!

Shannon said...

Hang in there-and come on baby!