31 July 2013

Let It Be

I was getting ready to change out the quote
on our kitchen chalkboard the other afternoon
(thanks to some smudges from you-know-who),
setting out the bucket of chalk and a rag
when Max sweetly asked me,
"Mommy, will you color with me?"

My first instinct was to tell him no,
a long list of reasons scrolling through my head.
But then I stopped myself.
In the midst of all the chaos of the past few weeks -
the constant visitors, the change in routine,
the absence of Mommy and Daddy for a few days,
and now the presence of a new family member -
my precious little boy just wanted a few minutes
to color with his Mommy.
Was there really a good reason to deprive him of that?

So I said yes, and Max immediately dumped out
all the chalk and set to work on his masterpiece. :)

As he was diligently working,
I kept thinking how each day I have a choice to freak out about 
how the dust bunnies and laundry are piling up, 
how Max watched a little too much TV,
how I'm behind on writing thank you notes,
how I still haven't changed out of my pajamas (and it's 2:00),
how I am not quite in the groove of this two-kid thing yet -
I can accept that this is where I am right now.
(Which is quite a challenge for this Type A.)

So I decided to make myself a reminder out of Max's scribbles...

What I hope to be a daily reminder to just let things be
what they are for right now.
Because although I cannot imagine it today,
someday I will look back and long for these days.
So I am going to try to enjoy this season of life and all its craziness. :)


Sarah Cornett said...

What a fabulous reminder!!!

Julie said...

I love this! The finished chalkboard and quote are great together!

karen said...

Profound! Your quote-and max's masterpiece together are the most beautiful reminder of what really matters!

Brittnie said...

Love this and need this reminder. Might steal the sign idea from you. :)

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Jessica, just last night I was longing for the days you are in right now! With an eye-rolling 13 year-old, a scatter-brained, energetic 11 year-old, and a constantly-complaining 9 year-old... it is certainly different around here than when they were babies and toddlers. When they are small, a mama is sleep deprived and physically exhausted. When kids are in the stages that I have now, I am finding myself getting enough sleep and time to myself, but I am mentally drained from all the guiding, talking, explaining, teaching, and discipling that needs to be done... A mama's job certainly changes but is never done :)