15 April 2012

Ten Months

We're in the double digits, people!
Little man is ten months old - how did this happen?!!!
 Little guy loves his sock monkey. What can I say? :)

This has been another milestone month, for sure.

For starters, Max is now drinking four bottles a day of formula.
Due to some biting issues, we decided to wean early. 
I had hoped to make it to one year, but this is still pretty close.

He still sleeps a good 11 hours or so at night and takes two good naps during the day, 
despite all the construction on our street! (When he's awake, Max loves to stand at his window and watch the bulldozers and diggers driver up and down the street. :))

Max is getting better and better at feeding himself finger foods,
although he's decided there are some things he just doesn't do whole (like peas - though he'll eat them mashed. Wierd.) Because we've been focusing on eating more solid forms of foods, the only newbies to his diet this month have been celery, some breads (zucchini and apple bread, and tortillas), plain pasta and cheese. He's also getting the hang of those fun little puree pouches.

After much practice (and even then not every time), Max has started signing "more"
when he wants more food. Sometimes we think he uses it when he wants us to keep singing a song he likes - though it technically looks a lot like clapping and is hard to tell. :)

Little man wears mostly 9-12 month or 12 month clothing. (Geez kid, stop growing!)

Little man has finally started saying "mama"! 
Granted, it's not directed at me, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. :)

I've mentioned it before, but Max is now taking his baths in the tub without his little chair.
This little guy loves to splash!

And good thing he likes baths because he also likes getting dirty. ;)

Some of Max's recent quirks:

He likes to put his belly on the floor and peer under furniture like he's looking for something. 
(I think he's seen me retrieve the balls that always roll underneath our bookcases.)

Max still LOVES to clap and will bounce to music when he hears it playing.

He has discovered his tongue and will stick it out all the time - even when he's trying to babble.
He's also started clicking his tongue.

He has started pointing to things, like when I turn on the ceiling fan or the light or if he wants me to get him his sock monkey from the shelf. Sometimes I can even get him to point to my nose!

It is amazing to see how much more independent this little guy has become.
In some ways, it makes me sad because it means he needs me less - 
but I am also excited to see him continue to grow and do things on his own!


laura jo said...

1. I LOVE how Max is hugging his sock monkey.
2. I thought you said he would "pee" under furniture. Ha!
3. Is his hair getting curly?!
4. Great post!

karen said...

max, you are so cute! i love hearing all about the things you are doing! it is such fun to see your personality and how you are growing up! we love you so much! happy ten months!!!!!!!!!!
mini & Zu