19 April 2012

Book of the Month: April

So... I just posted last week in lament of my tardiness with my March book of the month - 
and here I have already finished The Language of Flowers!

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Obviously, I liked this book much better than the previous one. 
How could I not like a book about the meanings of flowers, a star-crossed love, and a newborn baby?

It was very a well-written story, and I loved how the story jumped back and forth between 
past and present until the two stories caught up with each other about half-way through. 
It was a heartwrenching and heartwarming story all at the same time.
(I won't say more than that as not to spoil it for you. :))
Of course, the little twist with the language of flowers was very interesting - 
I would love to do more research on the topic.  Sure would've been nice to know that a peony stands for shame before including it in my wedding bouquet!

The Language of Flowers was a pleasant respite from all my other un-fun reading,
and I definitely recommend it!

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karen said...

the book sounds intriguing. i just saw a review on it in a magazine when i was at my hair salon today! can i borrow your copy?