09 April 2012

My Easter 'Bonnet

Sorry to disappoint, friends, but this post does NOT involve any festive Easter headgear.
It does, however, include one dapper baby boy!

We actually went to church on Saturday (our usual church night)
so we snapped these pics in our backyard after coming home 
from a wonderful worship and celebration of our risen Savior!
As usual, Max was more interested in the grass than anything else. Typical boy. :)

Sunday morning we gave little man his Easter basket and a little package from Mini and Zu.
Our next-door neighbor was even so sweet as to bring over some goodies for Max too!
He loved his little treats, especially the Cheerios he found inside his three Easter eggs. :)

Then we decided to go out in search of some bluebonnets.
We had heard rumor of a big field of them in Grapevine and went in search
but the only patch we could find was on the side of the highway on our way back home.
Lesson learned for next year: take bluebonnet pictures earlier!
Though we did get some cute ones. :)
Love my little cutie. :)

The rest of the day was spent relaxing - napping and watching the Masters.
(Betcha can't guess who did what!)

We hope you and yours had a "hoppy" Easter!


Mary Kay said...

He just gets cuter and cuter...if that is possible!?!?! What sweet pictures. You look amazing Jessica!!! Very cute dress and earrings!!!

karen said...

i love every thing about this post! so fun to get a glimpse into your easter!! what sweet pictures of the three of you...and of max and his easter basket. thank you, jessica, for sharing this day with us via pictures (and skype!) loved it!
mini & Zu

Erin said...

the bluebonnet pics are adorable!! and i love max dangling upside down! priceless.

Janalyn said...

the family picture with Max upside down is adorable!