30 April 2012


Little Man and I hopped in the car last Tuesday morning 
and headed to Abilene to spend a few days with Mini and Zu and Aunt Julie!
As always, we had a wonderful time!

Sweet block-letter greeting :)

 Max LOVED looking out the windows at their house!
They have a much prettier backyard - 
and much bigger windows - than we do ;)

Rough-housing with Zu
Karen was so generous to take Max and let me have some time to myself!
After a little pampering on Tuesday afternoon, I stopped to get my favorite Abilene treat:

Our little bookworm dressed up in an outfit
his Daddy wore at his age :)

Max mostly feeds himself these days,
but we opted for the spoon route with our very juicy blueberries.
Mini was only too happy to help!


Aunt Julie even got in on the fun and gave Max his bottle one night before bed.
(I just love this picture of the two of them!)
 On Wednesday, we went to a luncheon for Christian Homes
where we heard Anita Renfroe speak. She was absolutely hilarious!

That night I made dinner for everyone - island spiced salmon, wild rice, and sauteed squash.
Max, as you can see here, was not too crazy about the squash.
He turned out to be the pickiest one - a huge surprise!

We did end the meal on a high note 
with some of Giada's Chocolate Pizza and fresh berries. Yum!

 What a fun few days in good 'ole A-town!
Thanks so much, Mini and Zu, for hosting us!


Julie said...

oh my, i love the picture of us...i may have to steal it! ;)

it was so good to see y'all!

karen said...

it was such a delightful time for us! thank you for making the trip! we loved loving on max so much! and so fun to experience the 'ordinary daily' things-they really are extra-ordinary to us! the dinner you made was so tasty! thank you for taking time to do that. very thoughtful of you!
we hope y'all will come whenever you can for some r & r!
mini & Zu

Mary Kay said...

I am so excited that you and Max got to come hang out with Mini and Zu and I have heard what a delightful time you all had together! So fun for them!!! And I heard all about the delicious meal you prepared, what a very thoughtful thing to do Jessica!!! I only wish I could have kept Max for you two! :( Maybe another time! :) Thanks for posting such sweet pictures, I am sure they warmed a certain grandmother's heart!!!

Ashley said...

What special memories!! So glad you got to have such a special time there! You have a pretty special mil! :)