11 December 2011

Weekly Wows

It has been awhile since I've posted one of these, so I have a LOT of wows to share!

Our Christmas cards went out in the mail last week, so now I can share it without any spoilers (although I think the entirety of my readership is on our Christmas card list :)).
I am so so pleased with how they turned out! Melody with MinkCards did a fabulous job - as did the nice people at Staples who printed and cut it for me...three times. ;)

We finally hung the letters above Max's crib!
One morning I came to get Max up and noticed that the letter X was in the crib with him - yikes! Since he's been scooching around everywhere and reaching for everything, we decided it was time to hang the letters AND lower the crib. Nothing like cutting it close. :)

Little man is just amazing us with new skills every day, one of which (we think) is getting him that much closer to crawling.
Crazy little guy, doing pushups. Of course, he would do it the hard way! ;)

I tried my hand at making bath fizzes to use as gifts from some instructions I found on Pinterest (where else?!). Unfortunately, this was the result...
EPIC FAIL. Not sure why they ended up all crumbly (and yellow?)...
Now for Plan B. Any suggestions?

Friday afternoon, my sister and I went up to The Women's Center 
to wrap Christmas presents for client families. It was so much fun!
I used to coordinate the program when I was there, so it was a nice change 
to be on the other side with no stress. :)

I dressed Max in this cute little outfit the other day, which was his cousin Jaxon's. He looked so cute I could hardly stand it! But apparently he didn't want his cuteness preserved for all eternity.
Oh, that face. :)

Saturday night I went to a cookie exchange hosted by my friend Stephanie. As always, her home was so festive and she made a yummy meal (La Madeleine's Tomato Basil Soup) - and even had a hot chocolate bar! It was so much fun to chat with my girls - and, of course, EAT COOKIES! 
Here is my plate after we had tasted all the cookies:
 (Clockwise from top left:  Muddy Buddies; Chocolate Crinkles with Caramel; Cranberry-Pistachio; Homemade Thin Mints; 
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip; Coconut Wreaths; S'mores Cookies, and Caramel Apple Cider)

I had hoped to pull through with a win (last year my Molasses Crinkle Cookies came in second), but Courtney beat me to it again with her stellar Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with caramel in the middle! I'm already brainstorming ideas for next year. ;)

Clay and I went out today to do a little Christmas shopping for Max - with Max. Yeah, we know we'll never be able to do that again, so we're taking advantage of it now. :) We decided to try out our shopping cart cover and see how little man would sit up.
He enjoyed chewing on the straps, for sure. :)

So now I'm technically finished with all my Christmas shopping - but I've yet to finish making part of Max's present. And, oh yeah, I should probably wrap them too. :) I'd better get crackin' - December 25th is not very far away!

What's wowing you this busy time of year?

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