13 December 2011

Six Months

It is amazing to think that this time one year ago, little man was just a growing speck inside of me. 
Now that he's been part of our family for the past six months,
we can't imagine our lives without this very busy little bundle of joy!


At his well visit on Tuesday, Max weighed in at 17 pounds 9.5 ounces
and measured at 27.75 inches long. 

Max nurses four times a day and eats solids (pureed veggies) at lunchtime. 
So far he has tried sweet potatoes, avocado, butternut squash, and carrots and has eaten them pretty well! We've also tried out a sippy cup, but he mostly likes to chew on the spout unless I hold it up for him to drink.

He still takes three naps a day, and sleeps from his bedtime around 7:00pm until 6:45-7:00am. 
Right now he's in a stage where he likes to practice his skills (rolling over, talking, etc) if he wakes up during a nap, but I give him a few minutes and he'll usually go right back to sleep! 
Max has his two lower central incisors (translation: bottom middle) and, I feel, 
is most certainly working on his third and/ or fourth. That kid chews on EVERYTHING!

Little man is becoming quite the socialite and LOVES to meet new people (though I hear that stranger anxiety is just on the horizon!). He will smile and coo at just about anyone - which makes the old ladies in the grocery store very happy. :) It is also a joy to see his face light up when Daddy gets home from work!

Max can sit up very well without assistance and only the occasional topple. His primary means of transportation (when he's not being carried) are rolling both ways and scooting himself backwards. 
He is certainly making progress towards crawling but is not there yet, thank goodness!

Max has discovered his voice in the past month or so and LOVES to hear himself (or so we think). 
Laughs, coos, and many other noises often come out of his mouth when he's playing (or "taking a nap") - and sometimes I think he's trying to sing along with me or the Christmas music that's on. :)

Sudden loud noises, most diaper changes, and initially being put in the carseat are a few things Max does NOT like - and he lets us know! It's funny how he is starting to show his preferences for things.

Little man is growing so! He now wears 6 month and 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers (when in disposables). We have graduated out of the infant carseat to one that doesn't have a carrier, we've lowered the crib and are trying to childproof as much as we can (though we're sure we'll miss something!).

It is so much fun to watch our little man growing and discovering the world around him. Each day he is becoming more a little boy and less a baby, and while it makes me sad that we won't have as much snuggle time (not with this wiggle wort!), I'm excited for the next phases of his development.

We are so blessed to be parents to such a beautiful, healthy baby boy!

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