20 December 2011

Christmas Came Early

Christmas came early at the Rich household this year!

Mini and Zu stopped by on Saturday to give Max his first Christmas presents. 
Max LOVED seeing all the new toys - especially the wrapping paper they came in. :)


Thank you, Mini and Zu, for these amazing gifts! 

Then on Sunday morning, we did our little family Christmas - just the three of us. 

(Yes, we did everything in our pajamas as if it were really Christmas morning!)

We bought a few presents for Max - a cute little push and go toy and three books - 
and then I made him these fabric blocks I saw on Pinterest.

Clay and I just did stocking stuffers for each other. Sorry I didn't get a picture of that, 
but we were pretty boring gift givers - magazine subscriptions and cozy socks 
aren't as exciting to photograph as our little man. :)

Tomorrow we'll be hopping a plane to Florida to spend a week with my family 
- and celebrate Christmas a little bit more!


Katie said...

Have a great time in Flordia!

karen said...

such a fun time to celebrate Christmas with Max!