29 December 2011

Happy Holidays

We made it back from a week in Florida visiting my parents
and though we were sad to go, it is always nice to be back home again.
There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed! (Sorry, Mom and Dad.)

During our visit, there was LOTS of fun to be had:

Visiting a local science and history museum

Wishing we could ice skate (in 65 degree weather?!!) as we passed by an outdoor rink

Making all kinds of goodies in the kitchen

And then eating those goodies (Max got his own little goodies too)

Taking nature walks with Doc around the yard

Enjoying a lovely Christmas Eve dinner

Followed by opening presents (which Max loved!)

And playing with all those fun toys!

(Who ever said adults don't get anything fun?
We tried out Clay's Christmas gift - Ticket to Ride Asia, and it was a hit!)

As always, lots of group photos

Exploring the reconstructed historic site of a Spanish mission from the 1700s

We are so grateful for all the memories made over the past seven days.
Thanks so much, Grammie and Doc, for a wonderful first Christmas!

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LindaLou said...

Say, that last outing looked pretty fun! Oh, yeah, now I'm hooked on Ticket to Ride, too. Love you guys! Give Bebe a big ole smooch! Aunt Dee