20 December 2011

Double Date

This past Saturday, Clay and Mark's parents were in town
and offered to watch the grandboys so that we could go on a date.
As always, a nice treat!

Well, instead of going on separate dates, we opted to go together - especially since we're usually watching each other's kids when we go out. :) The twins put their heads together and came up with an idea for our outing:

Now if you've ever been to Austin, I'm sure you know how trendy food trucks are right now - and apparently Fort Worth is trying to ride the wave too. Though I've never been to Austin to sample their wide variety of mobile meals, I would imagine that the set up (in some locations) is similar: paved areas for the trucks to park with tables in between.

The trucks are obviously not always at the park - in fact, I first saw a food truck parked on Magnolia Street. And the Fort Worth park is only large enough to have six trucks at once (maybe eight, it was dark so I couldn't tell how far the pavement went). But the great thing is that you can check their website to see which trucks will be there on which night!

Mark and Tara opted to order the braised beef quesadillas from The Butcher's Son,
which they liked a lot!

Black gold (fried Oreos) also piqued their interest, so they ordered some of those too.
Unfortunately, they were a little disappointing.

Clay and I decided to do something different and ordered from the Wiener Man truck.
Clay got the Crunchy Weiner (which involved fried hot dogs and bacon and cheese)

and I ordered the Skinny - which was a portobello mushroom with pico de gallo
and avocado and some kind of really good sauce.

The buns were really tasty, but I probably wouldn't order that again -
especially if there are so many other places to try!

Clay and I ended our meal with cupcakes from Red Jett Sweets:

Vanilla Echo and Gingerbread Man. Very tasty!

We look forward to another trip to the "trailer park", as Clay called it,
and trying more meals on wheels! ;)

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