01 May 2013

Right Now I'm...

watching the monitor to make sure my little stinker stays in bed for naptime.

drinking water! I do not drink enough of it, as my cankles will testify.

grey yoga pants and a black maternity shirt, 
which I would totally wear every day if I thought no one would notice. :)
eating cheese and crackers, my (early) afternoon snack.

listening to the hum of the air conditioner. 
It's crazy to think we won't need it tomorrow when it's 50 degrees!

unloading the dishwasher.

the fan blades would dust themselves. If only...
missing the ability to easily reach my toes!

thankful for the amazing mommy friends God has placed in my life. 
I love that I can call them up for advice (or commiseration) anytime!

praying for some clarity on all the decisions that need to be made 
as we prepare to welcome Baby Brother into our family.

needing a nap. Since Max has finally gone to sleep, I think I'll lay down for a few. :)

1 comment:

Mary Kay said...

Love all your post Jessica...you just do the cutest things!!! You are also such a pretty pregnant momma!!!!