21 May 2013

23 Months

I seriously cannot believe our little man is 23 months old
only one month shy of TWO YEARS. Crazy!

Crazy would also be the word I'd use to describe this month's photo shoot...


 Little man weighed in at about 34 pounds and measured 36 inches tall.

Eating is still pretty much the same - A LOT. :)
(Obviously, if he weighs almost 1 pound for every inch he is tall!)

The Battle of the Wills has begun when it comes to sleeping,
so naps are usually 1.5 hours (2 if I'm  really lucky)
and he's down (eyes closed and not moving) about 10 hours at night.
I have read this is within the range of normal sleep for his age -
granted the lower end of the range - but this preggo mama needs a little more shut-eye!

Side note: if anyone has any advice on how to get a toddler to sleep, we are probably willing to try it!

We have also begun the Terrific Twos, as I'm choosing to call them.
It's absolutely "terrific" when Max has a meltdown for no apparent reason
and absolutely nothing will console him.
There are also the tantrums, which are equally as terrific,
so...yeah, we've got our hands full.
I just keep reminding myself that this is a phase
and we will somehow get through it!

About a week and a half ago, Max fell while playing outside
and we noticed he was limping bit afterwards.
We had it checked out the next day and the pediatrician
said it could possibly be a virus that inflames the hip joint
so we should wait a few days to see if it got better on its own.
Well, come Tuesday Max was still hobbling around
(although also climbing and running and jumping - weird)
so the doctor ordered some blood work (oh joy) and x-rays.
Definitely not the first line of action on my list.
The good news is those results came back normal...
but we still don't know why Max has the perfect pirate shuffle.
We are being referred to a physical therapist/ orthopedist
and hopefully can figure out what's going on.
As far as we can tell, he is not in pain (still running all over the place!)
but there's got to be some reason he's still limping -
even if it has improved slightly.

Little man is still talking up a storm these days,
and he will literally repeat anything you say - which is equal parts cute and horrifying.
I think one of the funniest things he has started doing this month
is filling in the blanks when Clay reads him a story.
Here's a video of his cleverness :)

We are totally amazed that he remembers so much of what we read to him!
(Granted, we go through phases where he wants to read
the same book 50 times in a row...)

This month...
Max took a trip to Grapevine to ride a Thomas train
with his Mini, Zu and Aunt Julie, which he still talks about!

Max likes to play in the "piddows" on Mommy and Daddy's bed,

climb "tees" (aka the bushes outside his window),
and put on Daddy's short and sandals all by himself!

Max had his last day of Thursday school for the summer.
They took this adorbs picture of him in a cap and gown :)
I am not ready for him to be so big. :(

Max has started climbing INTO Baby Brother's crib.
(Yes, Clay was snapping pictures instead of reprimanding our little daredevil.)

We have found him several times just bouncing away and having a blast.
Unfortunately, I don't think Baby Brother will be quite
as amused with those antics...

Max's top second molars broke through the gums - finally!
We are hoping they finish making their entrance soon.

Me and my sweet little man on Mother's Day :)
We love you, Maxwell James!


laura jo said...

ah. mazing.

karen said...

We sure do love busy Max! He is growing so fast and changing right before our eyes! Love your attitude about the twos!!!
xoxo, mini & zu

Julie said...

My favorite 23 month old! He is such a sweetie!