11 April 2013

San Antonio

Over Easter weekend we took a quick little family trip to San Antonio
since our previously planned vacation was cancelled due to Clay's work schedule.
We really wanted to do something as a family of three
to "get away" before we were housebound with a newborn this summer.
(Yeah...no crazy Wisconsin road trips for us!)

We rode the zoo train to Kiddie Park

Watched Max ride in circles to his heart's content :)

Took the river taxi to downtown

Visited the Alamo

Played through naptime at the children's museum


Enjoyed a little ice cream and "pancakes"

Almost threw our dinner on the floor at La Fogata
(Don't let the smile fool you. Max had a full-fledged meltdown because Mommy cut his tortilla in half.
Or maybe because of that missed nap... )

 And still had time to play in the pillows :)

I had some lovely color-coordinated outfits for us to wear
to church on Easter Sunday, but Max's breakfast had other plans...
He spilled milk all over his shirt and pants, and the muffin crumbs didn't help either.
So he ended up with a more patriotic look that day, which meant
the cute family photo I had envisioned didn't exactly happen. Oh well!

And of course, we had to stop at Buc-ees on the way home!
Oh, the madness...

It was a quick trip, but a much-needed one!
We enjoyed that time together as a family of three,
but look forward to travelling as a party of four. :)


Mary Kay said...

Love that ya'll were able to sneak away for a little "vacation" as a family of three...cause it isn't long now to you will say 4!!! Can't believe how quickly its gone...at least from my side of things! Hope these last few weeks go smooth and know we are thinking about your guys! Always love seeing your pictures, Max is so adorable!!!

karen said...

i love that y'all went to kiddie park! we spent many happy times there with our kids! glad you were able to getaway and enjoy a weekend trip away from home. xoxo, mini