11 April 2013

Picture Post!

I finally got around to uploading quite a few pics from both
my iPhone and the camera, and found so many that were just too cute not to share!

Several weeks ago, our playgroup met at the Watauga Library to pet the bunnies.
I took Max's cousin Jaxon with us, though he was not quite so excited about these furry friends. :) Max, however, was running wild - pulling ears and tails when he could grab them!
Eventually he settled down enough to get this sweet pic:


(You'd never know that moments before he had just kicked one across the pen.)
Afterwards we played for a bit on the adjoining playground,
then headed to our favorite place - Chickfila! - for lunch.

Several people commented on these sweet "brothers" - ha!
Maybe they just felt sorry for the pregnant lady trying to wrangle two toddler boys...

I have seen suggestions for busy bag swaps floating around Pinterest,
and suggested to my SIL Tara that we host one for our mommy friends.
 It was a super-fun evening to mostly just sit and chat,
and we all stocked up on activities to keep our kiddos busy - for 5 minutes, anyway. :)

Then I hosted our playgroup for an Easter egg hunt. 
I must say, it was a little chaotic with 12 kiddos (4 of them under 6 months),
but we did manage to get the older ones to stand still long enough for a picture.

I think the hunting thing is still a little advanced for our group
because they enjoyed dumping the eggs out of their buckets more than putting them in!

This was one lazy Saturday morning, enjoying some snuggle time!

A friend from church graciously offered to let Max come over and feed her baby goats
- so we took her up on the offer a few weeks ago!

 I think Max enjoyed playing with the goat food more than anything else. :)
(Thanks, Kylie, for not freaking out about all the spills!)

 Our little man sporting a curl 'hawk
before a long-overdue haircut!

Inspired by my friend Katie's post, I put together a rice bin for Max to play with.
He absolutely loved it!
 We're still learning how to keep the rice in the bin though...

Cute little baby buns :)

This little stinker loves to climb up into the desk chair
to push the keyboard buttons on our laptop.
One morning Clay caught him sitting there and asked what he was doing.
Max replied, "Workin' compooter. Push Mommy buttons."
Oh, that kiddo!

And a sweet little kiss for my sweet little man. :)

Next up, a post all to itself about our Easter weekend trip to San Antonio!

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