01 September 2012

14 Months

We were on our family vacation on Max's actual 14-month birthday 
(you mean you don't celebrate those???) so my stats and photo are a little tardy -
Especially since I'll be writing up the 15-month summary in a few short weeks.
Where, oh where, does the time go?

Our little cheeseball

Little man weighs in at 24 pounds and measures about 32 inches tall(ish).

He sleeps from about 8:00pm-7:00am and takes two naps a day.
I am surprised how well he slept on the go on our vacation - 
falling asleep on trains, in strollers, over shoulders, wherever we were when he was tired!
Nighttime sleep was another story... but I think we're getting back to normal now.

Max is eating more of what we're eating, or rather I'm offering him more 
of what we're having for dinner and not making something special. 
But I think little man is learning that he can exercise his little preferences for things 
so he often spits food back out if it doesn't hit his palate quite right.
He almost always eats breakfast really well, and the other meals are hit or miss.
Sometimes other things are just more interesting than eating. :)

Max is wearing size 4 diapers (when we're in disposables, which has been a lot lately!),
size 12-18 month and some 18-24 month clothes, and wears at least a size 6 shoe.
His cute little tootsies don't fit in a couple pairs of shoes any more so we need to go shopping!

I am really amazed at how well Max is communicating with me.
Granted, most people would not be able to decipher his grunts and "signs."
The majority of the time it's a guessing game as to what he's pointing at!
He will say "di" for digger (or truck or dog or chicken...you get the picture)
and can sometimes communicate to me that his diaper is dirty/ wet.
He loves to give hugs to his friends and waves both bye/ hi at just about anyone.

Little man is now RUNNING all over the place!
 He has also started stomping his feet (or dancing?), which is pretty cute.

Max still loves anything on wheels - or with a steering wheel!
On our trip it was almost like he had a radar for things with a steering wheel
and once he found one he would camp out. :)
He also loves being outdoors where he can point out
birds, trees, rocks, airplanes, cars, squirrels, dogs, etc.

He is getting much better at climbing (and getting taller)
and can now climb up onto the couch all by himself!
We have caught him attempting our bedframe and the inside corner of the pack-n-play,
but we're hoping those were isolated incidents - ha!
Max is also more confident in his stair-climbing skills
and wants to do it the grown-up way, though he technically still needs a hand to hold.
A lot of times, he just wants to do more than his little body is capable of
but he'll be darned if we don't let him at least try!

Max is so very sweet and still loves to cuddle - I am hoping that sticks around for a while. :)

We just love our little man's blossoming personality!


Wendi said...

How fun!!! We are loving this time, too. :)

Mary Kay said...

what a doll! He is so cute and it is so fun to hear he is a cuddle bug! Love it!