18 September 2012

15 Months

Time is flying by, folks.
I feel like this kiddo's going to be starting high school in the blink of an eye!
He's 15 months going on 15. :*)

We went to the pediatrician for little man's well check last Friday,
and he weighed in at 26 pounds, 6.5 ounces (91st percentile). He measured 33 inches tall (97th percentile). Like his cousin Garrett, I think Max will be giving his Uncle Alan someone to look up to!

Max got three shots at his appointment, after which he screamed like he has never screamed before. :( Once he calmed down enough for me to get him to the car (without pants, no less), he kept pointing to his legs and wanted me to take the bandaids off. I guess he's not a fan of Bugs Bunny!

We also went to the cardiologist last week to check Max's subaortic membrane, and his murmur (caused by the membrane) is definitely louder than it was almost a year ago when they detected it. Other than that, there were no significant changes though surgery is still a possibility.
So we'll go back in six months to keep an eye on it.

Max is still sleeping about 11 hours at night, though a little less soundly than this mama would like. :) Naps are all over the place (some days 2, other days none), which I feel like is yet another sign we need to move to one nap. So this week we are taking the plunge!

Little man now has 16 teeth! The pediatrician joked that he is part shark. ;)

Max is sometimes using a fork or spoon at mealtimes,
which makes things quite exciting - you never know where the food is going to end up!

Max has had a serious growth spurt this past month, as evidenced by his stats and the fact that he does not fit in any of the clothes he wore on our vacation. Thank goodness for Just Between Friends!

Max has added "sleepy," "bird," and "thank you" to his signs this past month.
He is also saying "night night" (sounds more like "nah nah"), "ja" for giraffe,
"di" for digger or dog (depends on which one he sees), and "bye."
I am amazed at how well he can communicate things to me,
but there is still a whole lot of babble we've yet to make sense of!
It is amazing to see how Max follows directions well (most of the time).
He really wants to help around the house - with vacuuming, laundry, and even the dishes!

He will actually hold our hands now (mostly), something we wish
we'd worked with him on before we went on our trip!

Two weeks ago, Max got a nasty stomach bug and so graciously shared with Clay and I.
(The family that pukes together, stays together, right???)
He really liked the coconut water with mango that I gave him to help rehydrate.

Little man absolutely loves remotes, any kind of truck or car, Daddy, puzzles, and reading books.
Oftentimes when he is quiet, I go into his room to find him turning the pages of his Bible!
He has also learned that he likes to hold Mommy and Daddy's phones,
mostly just to press the button and make Siri come on. :)

Max also loves to give hugs, especially to his cousin Jaxon!

We are really enjoying this stage with little man, seeing him learn so many new things
and having fun with him now that he likes to imitate what we do. :)


Brittnie said...

What a sweet little face!! Good luck with the one nap a day!

karen said...

This is an exceptionally beautiful/handsome picture of Max!! He gives the sweetest hugs! What a loving little boy. What a joy he is! I love spending time with him!!! And reading to him is one of my favorite things to do!!

Aubrie said...

He definitely has the Rich genes. He's going to be a giant!
I really hope we get to introduce our kids at Thanksgiving if we get to make it down.

Janalyn said...

He looks SO big in this picture!! Doesn't he know he's supposed to be a baby? We're down to one nap too, but we have been for a while now, since I'm raising an insomniac.