24 September 2012

Scarf Swap!

I participated again this year in the Scarf Swap 
through Meredith Tichenor's blog, and it did not disappoint!

She paired me with Cherry Wood who I soon realized was at ACU the same time I was!
(We've both gotten married since then, so I didn't realize who she was at first.)
Cherry is just the cutest thing and and a great momma to two adorable boys. :)

It was fun to get to know my fellow Wildcat and discover that we have very similar tastes.
We both love to shop at the same places,
but I know how shopping works with little ones in tow (ie: it doesn't).
So I decided that I would get her something 
from a place she maybe doesn't get to shop as much as she'd like:

J. Crew!

Cherry, I hope you love your scarf! It was so fun shopping for you. :)

Cherry did a great job shopping for me, for sure!
I received this little beauty in the mail last week:
Love, love, love it!
Can't wait for cooler temps so I can show it off. :)


the tichenor family said...

Thank you so much for participating this year! Love the scarves you swapped! That J.Crew scarf is DARLING- I have a stripe obsession happening right now! :)

laura jo said...

Yes!! Join us for the balloon fest next year! This was our first year to go, so we were feeling it out. We've got it down, now! :)

Love the scarf swap!

Lili said...

anything striped is adorable! Love this one!

Misty said...

love that j crew scarf :) and the one she sent you! I love Meredith's scarf swap :)

The Rings said...

The scarves and blog are gorgeous! And your little one is a doll! I swapped too, so fun!