31 August 2012

Our First Family Road Trip

I feel like it's going to take me years to catch up from our first family road trip,
which I'm just now blogging about one week later...
Since it's taking me quite a while to go through the 2000+ pictures we took,
I thought I should touch base with the blogosphere 
to let you all know that we did survive 3100 miles with a one-year old!
 (I now see the wisdom in minivans, but that's another story.)

 And actually, it wasn't quite as bad as we thought and Max did really well in the car.
Here he is as we're pulling out of the driveway, totally unsure of what's about to happen. ;)

He napped a lot

and played with his new steering wheel toy.

Sometimes he preferred a good 'ole empty water bottle
or the sunshade

 or chewing on his foot

while Daddy chauffered us around. :)

It wasn't always a bed of roses, though,
and we definitely had our moments!

 But two weeks and ten states later...

we made it back to Texas!

(Yes, I know we missed a few. But some state signs were impossible to get a photo
and some states didn't even have signs - gasp! Better luck next time.)

More pictures and details to come. :)

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Brittnie said...

Y'all are so fun to take such a big road trip as a family! Love it.