08 August 2012

And You Wonder Why

Life has been busy in the Rich household these days!
Here's a little glimpse of what we've been up to...

A few weeks ago, I hosted a favorite things party for my small group girls.

It was such a wonderful evening
sharing favorite things with some of my favorite people!

Aunt Katie came for a visit!
We don't get to see her (or Unkie Jeremy, for that matter)
as often as we'd like, so this was a lovely treat!
We were so busy having fun during her visit
(one day a trip to the science and history museum!)
that we didn't get many pictures. :(
This was our best effort at photographing two busy little boys and their Aunt Katie!

My SIL Tara hosted Pinterest potluck one evening.
We all got to bring a dish we'd pinned but hadn't gotten around to making.
The perfect opportunity to try things you're not sure your husband will eat. ;)
We had (from top left) zucchini boats, crockpot mac and cheese,
spinach artichoke dip in mini bread bowls, white trash dip, and OMG chicken.
And THEN there was strawberry lemonade cake for dessert!

We finally gave Max his birthday present - a new kid-sized chair!
(It took us a while to find the time to drive over to Dallas to pick it up.)
It's his new favorite place to sit. :)

My parents came for a short visit, and while they were in town
 we celebrated my mom's birthday with dinner at Macaroni Grill and a yummy coconut cake.

We also got to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday a few days later
with a special breakfast. (Sorry I didn't get a picture.)
It was so nice to spend the actual day of birth with both our moms!

This past Saturday, I helped host a milk and cookies shower for sweet baby Madelyn.
It was so much fun - and there was so much pink!

If you can tell from the tiny picture, I have a new 'do!
Clay prefers my hair with some curl, and I'd rather not spend hours with a curling iron in hand
so I opted for a perm. That's right - I'm bringing the 80s back. ;)

We have sidewalks!!!!
AND we can get into our driveway!
Construction is moving right along - workmen are currently leveling out the dirt
and preparing to put sod down.
Soon we will be all put together again! ;)

So as you can see, lots and lots going on in our world these days!
And you wonder why I haven't been blogging. ;)

Unfortunately, my return to the blogosphere is short-lived;
I'll be taking another hiatus as we set off on our first family road trip this Friday.
Stay tuned for details of our fun when we get back!


laura jo said...

Shout out to me via the shower pictures! Woohoo!! What's up!??

Have SO much fun on your road trip. Don't worry about naps (ha, I say that after I kept G up for way too long today and he had a complete meltdown...probably not what you wanted to hear...). I think as long as you get one good nap from Maxie-poo, all will be well in the world. Have FUN. Make memories. Take pictures!

karen said...

it sounds like it has been a very fun past few weeks!
thanks again for making my bday so special!
and, i LOVE your new hair style!

Brittnie said...

Y'all have been busy! I would love to hear more about how you hosted the favorite things party. That sounds fun!