16 June 2012

Weekly Wows

You have heard me mention before that they are doing construction on our street. 
Eventually we will have new sidewalks, curbs, driveway approaches, and a solid concrete street - hooray! But until then, this is what we're dealing with:
(No, we do not live in a rural area - although it looks like it!)
This photo was taken a few days after they added stabilizer to the dirt road and packed it down, 
so it is actually drivable. Last week it was a huge sandy mess and we often wondered 
if we'd get stuck just pulling out of the driveway! (Several of our neighbors did.)

This past Monday we started a two-week Mommy-n-Me swim class, 
and Max has really taken to the water! He's still not as sure about getting his face wet, but he really loves splashing, singing songs, and climbing up the stairs to get out of the pool on his own.
Jaxon and Graham are in the class too, so it's quite a lot of fun to share this experience with friends. :)

Clay and I have finally joined the Downton Abbey fan club! 
 [image via]
A few weekends ago we couldn't decide on a Redbox rental when Clay discovered Season One on DVD. I think we watched all seven episodes that weekend. ;) Who knew that PBS was more than just documentaries? We can't wait until Season Two arrives at Redbox!

We're also sort of hooked on Love in the Wild. Does anyone else watch this show?
We watched the first season last summer, and were excited to see it was back again this year -  although they've made some changes to make it more "interesting" (read: create drama because apparently last season was too boring). So we are mostly staying tuned to see what crazy tricks the producers have up their sleeves.

I have been trying to reduce the amount of refined sugar that I eat,
which means looking for healthier ways to satisfy my sweet tooth.
I have discovered peanut butter dates - the perfect treat that tastes way more indulgent than it is!
Two or three of these little babies and I'm good to go. ;) 
Any other suggestions for naturally sweet snacks?

Last night my sister got engaged,
and we got to be there for the proposal!
SO so excited for the Mr. and Mrs.-to-be!

'Tis the season for birthday parties! We got to help our friend Charley celebrate
her first birthday today with a little hawaiian flair.

All those cute little babies in swimsuits - it was almost too much cuteness to handle!

I feel like I've been running circles around myself these past few weeks -
wow! life is crazy right now, to say the least, and it's probably not going to slow down.
But fingers crossed my time management improves and you'll find more updates on the bloggity! ;)


Mary Kay said...

You always write the cutest blogs! Fun and very busy week!!! Guess now you will get to help with wedding plans! Busy lady!

Katie said...

We also watched Downton Abbey on Redbox one weekend and are hooked! I sure hope they come out with season 2 soon!