15 June 2012

Twelve Months - Or ONE YEAR!

It is hard to believe that Max has been part of our family for one whole year now!
In some ways it seems like he's always been here,
and in others like it was just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital.
(P.S. We're just as scared now as we were then!)

What an amazing little bundle of sunshine God gave to us on June 13, 2011. ;)
 Apparently Max had enough picture-taking
and was ready to get down and play!

Max's one year appointment yesterday morning revealed a healthy baby boy
growing right on schedule!

Little man weighed in at 23 pounds even and measured at 31.25 inches!
Fun fact: our little overachiever is 99th percentile in head circumference. ;) 
(Wonder where he gets that big noggin?)
Max did great getting blood drawn and four shots. What a champ!

Max is still sleeping about 11 hours at night, though naptimes as of late have taken a hit.
The morning nap is usually about an hour and the afternoon nap is closer to 1.5 hours.
I'm not sure if it's a developmental thing or due to the constant construction on our street 
or because we've stopped using the WubbaNub (or all three!),
but we're hanging onto two naps as long as we can.

Little man is still wearing mostly 12 month or 12-18 month clothes.
He got his first pair of shoes this month, size 5W. (Love those chubby little feet!)

Max is a great eater and so far has not refused anything.
He has added fish, turkey, pizza, pineapple, watermelon, asparagus, corn, cherries and cake (!) to his repertoire. And he may or may not have had a taste of ice cream too. ;)

Max now has nine teeth - his top right first molar (sorry, I don't know the technical name)
has decided to join the club! There is still quite a bit of drool these days,
so we're anticipating the arrival of more toothy friends. ;)

In gearing up for the switch to cow's milk, little man has switched from a bottle to sippys exclusively.
I guess it's the first-time parent in me, but I was (am?) apprehensive about that transition.
He has taken to them like a breeze - and he gulps down that whole milk too. ;)

Max has finally decided to venture out on his own two feet!
While the most steps he has taken is about ten (in pursuit of his cousin Jaxon, of course!), 
he is getting more comfortable in an upright position 
and is practicing this walking business quite a lot.

No new signs to report - Max is mostly just signing "more" if I prompt him for anything else.
He also has learned to give high-fives and will put his arms up in the air
when I say, "How big is Max? So big!"
Sometimes when we ask him what sound an animal makes,
he will attempt - though it mostly sounds like a cute little baby noise. :)

Little man is definitely getting more mischievous.
He is now tall enough to reach items close to the edge of the dining table (ie: his plate).
He also likes to play in the toilet when Mama forgets to close the bathroom door
and to pull Mama and Daddy's books off the bookshelf.
Many times I've watched him stick a ball or toy underneath the furniture
and then look to me to get it for him - ha!

Max loves to laugh and does so very freely now.
It's funny to hear him chuckle every now and then
and wonder exactly what it was that tickled his funny bone.
He especially thinks it's funny when we put things on our head!

Max is learning to give hugs and kisses, 
which are the sweetest, slobberiest, most precious things in the world!

It is the most fun (and most exhausting!) thing to watch Max explore his world.
The first year has been fun, and we can't wait for what the second has in store!

We love you, Maxwell James!


laura jo said...

I look forward to our boys playing together while you guys have your date on Saturday! :)

karen said...

happy first birthday, max! we love you!
oh, that toothy grin melts me every time!
love love love
mini (& zu, too)