13 June 2012

It's Party Time!

This past Saturday we celebrated Max's first birthday
with a festive backyard bash.
Lots of family and friends were on hand 
to help celebrate this momentous occasion!

 What a treasure to celebrate our baby boy
surrounded by people who mean so much to our family!
We are truly blessed. :)


Mary Kay said...

What a cute little party for such an adorable little boy! The decorations look so cute!

Katie Allen said...

Looks like fun! It also looks like Max got some cool new toys - fun! So sorry we couldn't be there.

Katie said...

What a fun looking party! Happy Birthday Max!

karen said...

it was such a wonderful celebration of such a sweet boy!! it looks like, in the second photo, that max is saying, 'oh, all for ME???!!!!!!!!!'
max, you are very loved!

Wendi said...

How fun! Happy birthday, Max!