13 June 2012

Book of the Month: May

Several weeks ago I finished The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
...so this post is a little tardy, but it's not like I've been planning
a birthday party for a special someone. ;)

This novel is based on the story of Dinah from the Bible, the only daughter of Jacob
and sister to twelve crazy brothers. She is only mentioned once in the Bible - in Genesis 34.
It is a very short passage (go check it out!), but it caught this author's attention
and was the inspiration for her book.

Diamant is a very gifted writer and it was easy
to get caught up in this embellished Bible story.
I would often catch myself thinking, "I can't believe that really happened!"...
and then I'd have to remind myself that it probably didn't happen exactly that way.
 And there were several things about the book that gave me pause
but again, it is a novel and not fact so I tried not to get hung up on it.
Author's liberty, I guess. :)

The Red Tent gave me a very different perspective on the culture during that time
and some of the people I think of as "heroes" of the Bible.
It was a good reminder that we are all flawed
and that God can and will use us anyway.

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