12 March 2012

Weekly Wows

I can't believe I haven't posted on the blog in two weeks! 
There have constantly been things pulling me away from the computer 
(specifically one little 20-pound whirlwind), but life in general has just been wearing on me.

So I have decided that rather than focusing on all the things I could be complaining about, 
I will count my blessings instead! Besides, some weekly wows are long overdue...

A while back, we crossed over to the "other side" of the Metroplex to spend the day
with Clay's cousin Laura and her little boy Garrett. (You can see a picture of the boys here.)
 It was so fun to see the boys together (albeit briefly in between naps and meals) 
and have a little grown-up conversation. Laura is always such a positive person,
and I always leave her presence feeling blessed!

Despite an ear infection, six new teeth (yes, SIX), and a current battle with terrible allergy-induced cough, our little man continues to be a bright spot in my life! He is truly amazing me 
with his curiosity and newfound skills (climbing, anyone?).
Wow - what did I do before this kiddo came along?

We went for Max's heart check-up last week, 
and while the subaortic membrane has not gone away, it is not a current concern for his health.
The receptionists, nurses, and doctor all kept commenting how healthy/ beautiful/ busy Max is.
I'm sure they say that about all the babies, but it was nice to hear nonetheless. :)
So we'll keep going every six months to check Max's heart, 
but everything else points to a happy, healthy bundle of boy!

I have a pretty great husband who lets me go to yoga class on Saturday mornings. 
Focusing my mind on something other than when I should start dinner 
and how many poopy diapers Max has had that day works wonders! 
I may or may not have fallen asleep and/ or snored during savasana. ;)

Mini, aka Karen, stopped by briefly for a visit on Saturday night.
It is always nice to have someone else love on Max for a little bit and give this mama a break!

The workmen have started in on our shiny new wooden fence today - hooray!


karen said...

getting to love on max was the icing on the cake of my weekly wows! it was so much fun! thank you!

i may or may not have fallen asleep during yoga relaxation tonight. aaah, but what a great workout!


Janalyn said...

So glad to hear that the heart check-up went well!