24 March 2012

iPhone Dump - And Then Some

I try my best to snap a few photos of our little cutie each day - and usually it's not hard to do!
Here are a few shots of daily life in the Rich household from my iPhone (and our Nikon):

One evening I decided to contain Max in our little living room area 
by strategically placing an ottoman and bench. Our smart little booger 
decided to try and squeeze through the small opening between the bench and the couch - 
and got stuck in the process! He was not happy I decided to take this picture before helping him out of his predicament. ;)

 The toothy grin of our little one melts my heart every time!

Max has decided he prefers being in his play tunnel when it's collapsed. I left it laying out one day and he crawled right in! He'll even collect little toys to put in it like a bird's nest. :)

 Lovelovelove those big brown eyes!

Max has recently developed a great affection for his stuffed animals.
When I surround him with his stuffed menagerie, 
he literally squeals with delight! It is so stinkin' cute I don't think I can stand it.

 My little chef in the making. :)

 Max's new favorite spot is underneath the dining room table. Clay calls it his "boy cave."

 Too cool for school!

 First time to Joe T Garcia's with our small group several weeks ago 
(and first date with Charlotte???)

 Reading with Great Uncle Bob and Cousin Jaxon

 The week of Spring Break we went to the Botanic Gardens several times 
because the weather was so beautiful! At first Max was a little wary of the grass, 
but he soon warmed up to it - and even wanted to eat it!

 This little shark finger puppet pretty much never leaves Max's mouth.
I'm not sure why he likes it so much!

 Max loves to watch the construction trucks at work on our street. 
Fortunately they haven't disturbed his naps - but we'll see how that goes 
this coming week as they'll start in on the stretch right in front of our house!

It amazes me how smart Max is. He has figured out he can reach into his crib and grab his WubbaNub! Now I have to make sure it's out of his grasp. ;)

Sharing sunscreen with Abby at the Botanic Gardens.

I love a good picture post - don't you?! ;)


Brittnie said...

He is so cute!

Thanks so much for recommending the baby jogger city mini. We went back to Babies R Us and tested out the travel system we registered for vs the city mini and oh my goodness what a difference!! we returned our travel system and got the city mini w/ car seat adaptor and the graco infant car seat/base. Awesome!! I love that I can actually break down the stroller and lift it into the car easy as pie. :) We really appreciate y'all taking the time to explain everything to us!

Come visit us anytime!

Katie said...

Thanks for posting some adorable pictures for us all the way in NC! He's getting so big!