17 January 2012

Seven Months

It can't be possible, can it? That I really truly have a seven month old? No, no. It's not possible.
 Seven months doesn't sound like a baby age any more - it sounds so old! :(

Our little "old" man is up to so many new things these days:

We went to the pediatrician today to get his flu shot booster, and 
they weighed him in at 19 pounds, 6 ounces and measured him at 28 inches long. Growing boy!

He still sleeps about 12 hours a night and takes 3 good naps during the day. 
It is my favorite thing to come in to get him up and he's grinning from ear to ear!
We are so blessed that Max is such a good sleeper. :)

Max nurses 4 times a day and is eating solids at 3 meals a day as well. So far he has tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocado, green beans, peas, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, pears, apples, prunes, and apricots in addition to rice cereal and oatmeal. And bananas. This kid LOVES bananas!

He has also been doing well with finger foods and is getting more accurate with his aim. 
Those puffs and yogurt melts are actually making it into his mouth. ;) 
Max also loves Mum-mums (much easier to hold) and gnawing on a baby carrot or piece of apple. Mealtimes are getting messier in our household, for sure!

Max can push self up to sitting very well, but still only scoots along the floor (no crawling yet!).
He has only attempted pulling up a few times and got up to his knees.

Little man still puts EVERYthing in his mouth. :) 
Max loves to listen to music and "dance" to it with Mommy. 
Sometimes I think his little vocalizations are his way of trying to sing along!

He gives out some great giggles when Daddy tickles him.

It gives my heart such great joy to see that Max already enjoys books, 
especially those with pictures of animals (and when the reader makes the sound!)
He has even started "helping" me turn the page during storytime.

We often catch Max studying his toys so seriously, turning them over in his hands. 
He loves to investigate new things (like the trash can). I'm sure it will be even more of an adventure when he's crawling good!
Max likes to see what noises things make - he often bangs his toys together or on the ground, 
and has discovered the sound button on his jumperoo.

He enjoys going for walks with Mommy and looking at everything outside.

Max watches older children so intently, like he's trying to figure them out. :)

Sometimes he gets upset when he realizes Mommy is not holding him or if I leave the room.

He has started reaching out when he wants to be picked up, which is so so sweet.

Every day we are seeing Max's little personality shine through.
It is so much fun to watch our little man grow (even if we wish he would slow down a bit)!


Mary Kay said...

You are right, that doesn't seem possible! Where did the time go??? He is such a "pretty" guy...okay...handsome! :) Sounds like you are enjoying each and every minute with him...good job Mommy!!

Wendi said...

It's fun to read what other babies are up to. They are doing so many of the same things!

Ashley said...

Love reading about your sweet little Max & can't believe he is getting so big already!