26 January 2012

The Latest

I feel like my posts lately have consisted mainly of my photos of the day 
(which I can't even do everyday), so I thought a little more in-depth update was in order. :)

We have gotten a few more things for Max's room, 
and I finally feel like we are getting close to finished!

My Aunt Dee painted the awesome scooter canvas,
and I found this Etsy seller where I purchased the Keep Calm print.
I plan to make one of those ruler growth charts for Max 
since I know we won't be in this house forever.

And this Saturday I'm making a trip to Ikea, so who knows what other kinds of fun I'll find!

Max is developing so many new skills, it is hard to keep up with them all. 
The biggest development in the skills area is that little man is now CRAWLING!

As you can see from the video, he still has a little perfecting to do. :) 
But he is much more mobile now and into everything.

And when he's not crawling around, he's attached to my hip.
I guess you could say he has hit the separation anxiety phase.
He won't even let me out of his sight most of the time without crying - poor baby. :(

He's also started jabbering a WHOLE lot more.
His first "words": da da.

There never was a prouder papa. :)

So that's the latest in the Rich household!


Wendi said...

How exciting that he's crawling! Also, Jake is totally going through the seperation anxiety thing. I will walk out of the room or his sight and he cries. Slighty annoying, but sweet!! :)

karen said...

there is so much i love about this post! of course i love the 'keep calm'...and oh my goodness, max on the go is super fun - 'scooting' along...and what sweet sweet words coming out of max's mouth! isn't it so fun to see how giddy grown-ups get when their name is said?! xoxo, mini

Brittnie said...

Cute video. I love his room - each and every touch is so adorable.