05 June 2011

Rich Craft: Nursery Mobile Edition

So the other day when I was in the waiting room at my doctor's office,
I picked up the June issue of Parents magazine to help pass the time.
In it, I found instructions for this adorable mobile:

I knew right then and there this would be the perfect addition to Baby Rich's nursery!

After rummaging through my scrapbook paper stash and a quick trip to Michael's,
I was ready to get started.

My sister-in-law was gracious enough to let me use her Cricut to cut out 2" circles with little holes - over 200 of them! Then I arranged them into color groupings (similar to the picture above) and recruited my husband to help me connect them together with 7mm jump rings in nine-circle sections. Let's face it - he is much handier with needlenose pliers than I!

I ended up using 10" and 8" embroidery hoops for my mobile, which meant I needed a few more strands of circles than the instructions called for - about 22 in total. Armed with my trusty glue gun, I attached the top circle to the embroidery hoops, spacing them out about 1/2" apart.

Next I took some fishing line and attached it to three different places on each of the hoops. Thanks to some help from dear husband Clay, we figured out how to hang them above the changing table so that the smaller hoop was about 6 inches lower than the larger one.

The result?

An adorable handmade mobile that only cost me about $10 bucks!

Hopefully this will help keep Baby Rich occupied and less squirmy while I change his or her diapers. ;D

More nursery crafts to come!


karen said...

it turned out great! so so cute!
baby rich is sure to love his/her nursery. i know i do!

Violette said...

I was just searching for a pic of this mobile online so I could pin it to my board on Pinterest. You did a great job & I am making one for my sis's baby due in Sept. Congrats to you, too!

Janalyn said...

It's so cute- what a great idea!