14 February 2011

23 Weeks

...and still going strong!

Baby Rich is moving around more and more these days (there's some kind of jig going on in my belly as I type this). Clay even got to feel the baby move this weekend - while we were catching up on shows Saturday night, he put his hand on my belly and felt the little kicks. Wish I could have captured the look of wonder and excitement on his face!

We also got some exciting news from Clay's cousin and her husband: their family will be expanding in August of this year! I am so happy for Laura and Eric - and excited that Baby Rich will have another playmate in the family. :)


karen said...

oh "papaya" looking beautiful!
how fun to feel the kicks!!
karen (aka mini)

karen said...

fun that 'papa' felt baby kick when it is the size of a 'papaya'!