09 February 2011

22 Weeks

Look at that baby bump!
It is truly amazing how I've just popped in the last week or so - and it seems like everyone has noticed! Two people just couldn't help themselves and invaded my belly space this week. Looks like I'll be in for another four months of belly grabs. :}

I had my routine check-up on Monday and the doctor said everything looks good! I am right on schedule - with weight gain and belly measurement - and so is our little jellybean. :) All the little body parts that the sonogram tech could see looked healthy and normal, which is what we like to hear. AND I've been feeling Baby Rich move more and more. Sometimes I wonder if there's a jumping bean in my belly!

This weekend Clay and I made some more decisions on the nursery -
finally picking out a crib

and a rug

though we won't have either for quite some time.
(Thank you, eternal delivery waits!)

We also went to Babies 'R' Us to register, and boy! were we unprepared! Although we had made a list of what we wanted to register for, it was still incredibly overwhelming when faced with all those strollers and car seats and crib sheets and bottles and bibs. Many times we just stood in the aisle staring at the multitude of choices. What a sight we must have been!

All you moms out there, what are your top three favorite baby products? We would love some more direction as we add to our registry. ;)


mindy said...

Exciting!! Some of my faves are the boppy, footie pjs with zippers, woombie, floor gym/activity mat with a place to hang toys, lily padz, and dresser tall enough to double as a changing table. Sorry, I know you only asked for three;) Where did you find your cute rug? I'm looking for a playroom rug, but everything I've seen is too living roomish or too schoolish.

Katie Allen said...

My top 3 favorites....#1 - the miracle blanket #2 - boppy pillow (with extra slipcovers, you won't believe how often things get dirty in the beginning) #3 - mobi wrap. I also have to add: bumbo seat, baby swing, tiny diner (genius), and activity mat/gym.

Stephanie said...

Yay baby bump! You look so happy! Super cute rug too!

Sarah Cornett said...

So exciting. You look great! :)

*Priscilla* said...

Hey girl! Your baby bump is super cute! :) I saw this deal and thought of you: