19 September 2010

Weekly Wows!

This week workers started in on our detached garage! We have discovered that there are many quirks living in an older home, one of which is that part of our wooden garage was just built right into the dirt. Over time the wood has deteriorated and the structure has sunk into the ground, so it's looking, well, not so stable. (I am always worried I'll come out to my car in the morning to find it buried beneath a pile of garage parts!) It is quite ambitious to fix this problem - epecially without tearing everything down and starting over - which involves digging trenches, cutting the roof, using scaffolding to lift up the existing front half of the garage while a slab is poured and then new studs and siding are put in. There are just piles of wood and cinder blocks outside our garage right now, so there's nothing exciting to show. I'll post pics when they start "raising the roof" though - that should be interesting!

Friday night after Clay got home from a week in Madison, Wisconsin, we went to see the Sound of Music at Casa Manana.

This is one of my absolute favorite movies, so I was pretty sure I would love the musical - and I did! Little Gretel was heartwarming - especially her constant yawns (With a start time of 8:00, I have a feeling it was past her bedtime.)! Unfortunately, it was not a sing along production (that show is tonight), but I may or may not have sung along anyway! ;D

I had to work a volunteer training all day Saturday, so my dear, sweet Clay took it upon himself to tidy up the house while I was gone! It was so nice to come home after a long day to a clean house. I am such a lucky gal. :D

We got to have dinner with our good friends, the Allens, on Saturday night. After a scrumptious dinner at Charleston's, we came back to our house for dessert and a slideshow of our trip. (Clay and I can't resist a captive audience!) I tried out a new dessert called Crack Pie...

...and it was super-yum! You can find the recipe here. Sweet friends + sweet treats = a perfect evening.

This week marks the first day of fall, which is my very favorite season! I love the cooler weather, colorful pumpkins, cozy sweaters, and beautiful foliage. Apparently the weather in Texas has not quite gotten the memo that it's supposed to be cooler now, but that definitely won't stop me from pulling out the fall decorations. :D

What's wow-ing you this week?


Mary Kay said...

We might be kindred spirits! My ALL time favorite movie is Sound of Music and yes, I know every word of every song! :) AND I love fall! I am with you girl, I got al the decorations out on Saturday in hopes that the cool weather will get the message! The dessert looks yummy!

karen said...

i hope someday that you and clay get to take the sound of music tour in salzburg!