13 September 2010

Always. Sometimes. Never.

plan out menus for the week before grocery shopping.
sing along with the radio (if I know the song).
send thank you notes - and postcards when I go on trips!
kiss my hubs goodnight.
enjoy reading and sharing good books.

floss before bed (trying to get better!).
bite my nails when I'm nervous (also trying to get better).
drink coffee in the morning.
let dirty dishes pile up in the sink. And maybe on the counter, too. :}
buy flowers for myself.

watch scary movies (there's enough violence and gore in the world already, people!).
carry cash - so let all your mugger friends out there know!
can resist anything covered in sprinkles.
wear high heels. Ick.
can remember anything useful from college Spanish.

What about you - what do you always, sometimes, never? You should always share. ;D


Mary Kay said...

Yeah for someone who writes thank you notes. I am beginning to think it is a LOST art! :) Love that you send postcards from trips...which means you must have had fun picking out fun ones from this fabulous trip you and Clay just took! Loved the pictures! Love watching your blog!

Chelsie said...

I am totally with you on the college Spanish...

karen said...

always-enjoy being with y'all

sometimes-i forget people's names

never-want to take my blessings for granted

fun post, jessica!