28 September 2010

Operation Co-operation

I have really wanted to buy more local and organic produce, especially after reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver a while back. My usual grocery store of choice is Central Market because they have such an assortment of fruits and vegetables - not to mention other tempting goodies. But once I started looking at where this beautiful produce was coming from, places like Colombia and New Zealand, I realized it was travelling much further than I thought!

Without going into all the whos and whats of food mileage and sustainable agriculture, let's just say that I was looking for another option. So when a friend of mine told me about the Health Source Organic Co-op, I got really excited! She and a friend were picking up at a location in Saginaw, but after looking on the website I saw there were many other locations - some even right down the street from my workplace!

I knew that my husband and I would not be able to finish off 15 - 30 pounds of local organic fruits and veggies every two weeks, so I asked my sister-in-law if she and her husband would be interested in going in with us. Fast-forward a few weeks to today, our very first pick-up! Here is the stash I came home with (to be divided between our two families, of course)...

What a rainbow of yumminess! I can definitely say Operation: Co-operation is a huge success. ;D


Jaci said...

So how much does it cost every two weeks? I'm so bad at knowing what produce to buy at the grocery store and how long it lasts. Do you think the co-op option would solve that?

Lindsey said...

So maybe I am kinda jealous... That sounds so awesome! Maybe I will need to try this out, gotta find a partner. Let me know how it goes and how you like it! :)