01 November 2013

Thomas and His Friends

I had envisioned several adorable costumes
for the Rich brothers this Halloween:
Harry Potter and Hedwig.
Mario and Luigi.
Fireman and fire dog.
Kid and ET.
Oh, I could go on and on...
Then I realized this "holiday" is not about me
(even if it is my birthday), so I let Max pick.
And he chose Thomas the Tank Engine.
 So, naturally, Miles got to be Sir Topham Hatt. :)

For the sake of convenience, I was just going to buy 
one of those printed smocks for Max to wear,
but Clay refused and decided a three-dimensional costume was more appropriate.
He spent hours each night the week before our small group Halloween party
to create the perfect Really Useful Engine for our toddler.
I have to say I was a little skeptical he could get it done in time...


But in the end, he pulled it off. :)

Here is Thomas with his small group (girl)friends:
TOP:  Thomas, Agnes, a minion, Doc McStuffins, and two ladybugs BOTTOM: Sir Topham Hatt, Mr. Stay Puft, and a giraffe

This was as close to looking at the camera as it got. At least no one was crying - yet!

Max and Miles also got to showcase their ensembles
at our annual playgroup Halloween party.

He was so sweet to console Miles,
who was apparently very concerned we scheduled playgroup during his naptime. ;)

We got some additional mileage out of the costume
when Max wore it to Thursday school. (Oh yes, he did.)
I didn't get a picture of that cuteness because, well,
it's kind of hard to push a stroller,
carry a backpack, napmat, and giant train costume (with blustery winds, mind you)
plus wrangle a toddler on sugar high to the car AND get a photo.

After that, it was about all the Halloween excitement this 30 year-old could handle.

We opted out of the trick-or-treating craziness this time,
but I have a feeling there are many years ahead of us.

Now to start planning the costumes for next year... :)


karen said...

this thomas costume has to be the cutest and most clever thomas outfit i have ever seen...and the number one engine guy is adorable as well! what a great job you did, clay! and i love thomas' conductor! cutest duo ever! and a very happy birthday, jessica!

Shannon said...

Best costume ever! Nice work!