21 November 2013

Four Months

Our littlest man hit the four-month mark last week. Craziness!

At his well-check on Tuesday,
Miles weighed in at 18 pounds 10.5 ounces 
and measured 25.5 inches long.
He is not taking this growing thing lightly. :)

He wears mostly 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

Miles nurses 6-7 times a day. 
He takes 3, sometimes 4, naps and sleeps a good 7-8 hour stretch at night,
although he still occasionally wakes at night wanting to eat.
I think the craziness of the past few weeks has something to do with it,
so we'll see how things go this next month
since we'll be mostly homebound. :)

The pediatrician cleared us to start solids if we want,
but this momma is in no hurry.
We may try some sweet potatoes in the next few weeks
and see how Miles likes it.
This kiddo is on the move!
Doc helped coach him to roll from back to tummy,
so now he can go both ways.
If he's got the proper motivation (Max's toys???),
then he will scoot himself around too.
He can also reach his toes and is pushing up well during tummy time.

I finally packed away the swing as Miles is just too big for it. Sad day. :(
We may pull out the Johnny Jump-up soon, though!

Gotta make sure Miles is wearing a bib
because he is a drool factory these days!
His coordination is really improving
and he can grasp chew toys or teething rings
and bring them to his mouth.
He also likes to suck his thumb but doesn't do that regularly
and still takes a pacifier at naptime.

He is also so much more aware of things.
Miles will watch Mommy or big brother from across the room,
and gets easily distracted by loud noises (ie: Max) while nursing.
He is drawn to the glow of the phone or iPad screen,
so I have to be careful when I check the time during his evening feed. :)

Miles is so generous with his smiles,
which has been a blessing for both sets of grandparents
who helped watch him while big brother was in the hospital.
In fact, Mini found this cute little sign
which I think describes MCR so well:

We've also gotten a lot more coos and laughs out of him this month.
Baby laughs are the best. :)
Miles is the sweetest baby in the whole wide world. (Nope - not biased.)

 We are so glad this little nugget is part of our family!


Katie Allen said...

Oh he is SO precious, I wish I could kiss those cheeks! I love reading all the news about your kiddos, keep it comin'!

karen said...

happy four months, smiles! you are so precious, zu and i feel blessed we had several days to get to know your fun personality! i am missing getting to hold you today, but look forward to the 'next time'.

Mary Kay said...

He is such a little doll...just want to squeeze him!!!