11 January 2013

Weekly Wows

SO much has been going on lately!
Seems like we started this new year without time to catch our breath - or to blog. :/
So here is my attempt to catch you up on
what's been wowing us over at the Rich casa.

It's a portable model, mind you (which means teeny tiny), but still...
it's better than washing everything by hand!
 Now that I know what I've been missing, I feel like
we've been living the past five years in the dark ages or something.
Also, I have never seen Clay so excited as he was
to load or unload the dishwasher as those first few days we used it. ;)

Sunday night our dear friends the Allens invited us over
for a Downtown Abbey watch party!
We love Chad and Katie (and their two precious kiddos) for many reasons,
 but the fact that they are DA fans is just one more star in their crowns to us. ;)
Katie even fixed yummy blueberry-almond scones
and English tea for us to enjoy while watching the premier.

(Yeah, she's pretty amazing.)

 Little man's first day of what I'm calling Thursday school was this week!
(It's a mother's day out-type program at our church.)
While part of me is SO EXCITED to have 5 hours each week to myself,
another part of me cannot believe we are already here.
I mean, I know it's not really "school" ...but it sure feels like it!
He's got the personalized backpack, the lunchbox, and nap mat -
 with all his gear in tow, he looks SO big! Be still, my heart. :)
He had an awesome first day and didn't want to leave come 2:00!
I am so grateful.

After much debate, we have finally decided to pave our driveway!
The workmen started in this week digging up LOTS of dirt and leveling it off.
They even had to bring in a digger, which Max loved. 
Seriously, that kid could watch construction equipment all day!
 Hopefully they'll be pouring concrete this afternoon
and we'll have a nice mud-free place to park and play!

Those are just a few highlights of the first weeks of 2013 for us.
More to come on little man and the jellybean!

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