01 January 2013

This Christmas

This Christmas was...well, not what we thought it would be a month ago.
Due to some last-minute changes, we ended up doing more traveling than we planned.
But it all resulted in some quality time with the fams!

The Friday before Christmas, we hopped in the car as soon as little man was up
and hit the road for Abilene. We got to spend a whole 36 hours with the whole Rich clan -
opening presents, playing games, taking pictures and watching the little boys play 
(or trying to keep them out of trouble).

Let's hope it's not two more years before we all get together again. :)

Saturday morning after a quick breakfast we hopped back in the car and headed home,
where we did a quick suitcase switcheroo and my parents and sister joined us
for the trek out to Flint, Texas (near Tyler). 
We met up with my mom's family (whom we hadn't seen since last Christmas!) 
and spent three lovely days together.
It was great to look at lights, make an insane gingerbread house, and sing carols.


Christmas morning was oh so fun and little man loved all his presents!
We went with the want/need/wear/read route this year and it was perfect.
Max really WANTED a bike. So we got him one! He knew just what to do with it. :)

It's a balance bike which means it doesn't have pedals - he just pushes himself along with his feet.
I am so surprised how good he is at it already!

After a scrumptious Christmas brunch, we loaded up the car and headed back to Fort Worth.
Who knew we'd have to travel through a snowstorm to do it!
(Admittedly a Texas version of a snowstorm, but lots of big white flakes nonetheless!)

My parents and sister headed back to her place to get ready for another trip the next day,
so we spent the afternoon admiring the snow and unpacking.
As dinnertime approached, I realized our fridge and cabinets were bare. 
Seriously nothing to put together for a meal (other than cold cereal - with no milk). 
So we set out to find a restaurant that was open on Christmas Day...

After several failed attempts (our nearby Chinese super buffet was even closed!), 
we decided to stop in at El Rancho, a hispanic grocery a few blocks from our house, 
for a "scrumptious" frozen pizza (which Clay burned) and some milk.

 All in all, it was a very unusual Christmas for us in many ways. 
But we spent it together and made some fun memories!

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