15 January 2013

13-14-15 Weeks

Seasoned mothers have said it to me many times,
but I never really realized just how different each pregnancy is!
 The list of differences is (already) endless...
but I'm slowly learning that I don't have to compare every little detail
(like how cute and perky I looked in the belly pics last time).

It is definitely true that you start showing earlier!
Here's the bump at 13, 14, and 15 weeks:

 I am going to copy this little questionnaire from my friend Katie,
which she used while she was pregnant. Otherwise, I tend to ramble. ;)

How far along? 15 weeks and 4 days

How big is the baby? According to my pregnancy tracker app, this little jellybean
is roughly the size of an avocado, so about 5 inches long and 4 ounces.

Are you in maternity clothes? Some of both, but maternity pants for sure!
I am trying to hang onto normal clothes as long as I can. Plus, I think they're more flattering 
on me right now (case in point: the middle pic above. yikes!).

How do you feel physically? Much better than I did in the first trimester! The constant nausea
seems to have passed, for which I am grateful (and so is Clay, because that means I'm cooking more)!
I still tire easily, but for the most part I feel good.

Sleep? I try to nap most days when Max does. At night I usually have trouble getting comfortable,
even with my giant Boppy preggo pillow! But I usually only get up once to pee,
and I'm thankful there are no other interruptions. :)

Miss anything? An occasional glass of wine with dinner, especially when Clay and I go out.

Feeling movement of the baby? Not yet, but it should be any day now!

Food cravings? Mexican food or anything savory/ salty. Sweets generally gross me out.

Gender of the baby? We don't know yet! And we're still not sure if we'll find out this time.
The sonogram is scheduled for February 6th, so we have until then to decide!

Mood/ thoughts? At my appointment last week, I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time!
(130-140 bpm, the midwife said.)  The pregnancy is not really real to me until I hear that heartbeat - and what a beautiful sound. :) These days I am also trying to savor each moment with just Max, and at times it makes me sad to think this baby will not get the same kind of attention from me. I am definitely cherishing this time I get to spend with Max - but I'm also looking forward to getting to know this jellybean and forming a special bond with him/ her. :)


Brittnie said...

You look great! We are very excited for y'all!

Mary Kay said...

What a beautiful little baby bump! Jelly Bean...that is what we are calling Ashley and David's right now too! You are glowing and yes, though 2nd babies get a different kind of attention, they also get the love and attention from a sibling! :) That will be fun to watch, how Max will love on his little sibling!

laura jo said...

Good idea for the post. I may have to steal this. Are you using a midwife this time, then? Are you doing a home birth, or going through a birthing center? Oh, I have so many questions! I'm so excited for you!

karen said...

what a fun question and answer post! i really enjoyed reading this, and seeing pictures of you!!