10 December 2012

The Truth

Y'all, the truth is that I've been a terrible blogger lately.
I thought you might not notice if I posted three times in one day...
and then went another week without an update.
(And I still haven't covered Thanksgiving!)

But I have good reason to be behind...

1. Chasing a toddler is hard work.
2. I've been busy decking the halls at the Rich residence
(and trying to keep a certain someone
from removing all the ornaments from our three-foot tree)
3. It takes a long time to address 120 Christmas cards!

I finally finished the Christmas cards yesterday afternoon,
and took them to the post office this morning,
so our Christmas greetings are headed to the mailboxes of family and friends
...with a special little message this year:

(A big thanks to JohnsonMade for our cute cards)

Max is going to be a big brother!

We are so excited to welcome Jellybean No. 2 come July 2013. :)

So, the truth as to my blogging absence?
I really have been busy doing the aforementioned,
but I've also been taking lots of naps
which kind of cuts into my blogging time. :)


karen said...

we are heads over heels in love with this little jellybean! such exciting news! max is going to be such a good big brother! so sweet, he is! we are so excited for the three of you! love, love, love!
mini and Zu

karen said...

this picture card is one of the cutest EVER!!!

Brittnie said...

So excited for you guys!! Your Christmas card is so cute. One of our favs this year for sure!

Aubrie said...

Congratulations! Very exciting!

Mary Kay said...

What an adorable little card! Love it!!!
Very excited about your news! You have pretty babies so we will be anxious to meet number two! Blessings!

Sarah Cornett said...

Congratulations!! What exciting news :)

Ashley said...

Love your CUTE card & so excited for baby #2! Love it, we are calling our little one Jellybean as well! Maybe they can be buddies one day! :)